As we slowly say goodbye to summer, the favourite pieces of autumn are already starting to appear. If you want to catch the trends early and draw attention to yourself, take a look at these style suggestions.

90’s Are Back
We’ve been seeing pieces from the ’90s frequently in the last few years, but now we can come across 90’s combinations from head to toe. You can get a very nostalgic and trendy look by wearing long cardigans with baguette bags and square-tipped boots and mini skirts with ankle socks.

Saturated Hues
In general, as autumn approaches, the chirpy colours of summer leave their place to pastel tones, but this year the eye-catching colours seem to continue in the fall. You can also consider making a vibrant ochre yellow, deep magenta or bright coral colour as part of an energetic combination.

Loose-fit Denim
While the tight jeans gradually disappear from the shop windows, they are replaced by loose-fit, ratty jeans with many different cuts. Straight, wide, and flared jeans will be the leading part of many combinations this fall, as always.

Sweater Vests
Sweaters, which started to enter our lives last year, continue to stay with us this autumn as well. You can layer your outfit with sweaters or use them as a stand-alone top, depending on the weather, with their textured, colourful and patterned rather than plain patterns.

Midriff-Baring Sets
With the crop tops, bustier and bikini tops that have come to the fore in recent years, we have become very familiar with the midriff-baring models. This year, this trend appears with a new design in the form of a top-bottom set.

Printed Pants
Although the wide and flowery trousers of the summer are replaced by trousers made of heavier fabrics, the patterns remain. Whether it’s floral, animal or geometric, it looks like we’ll be seeing patterned trousers a lot this fall.

Puffy, Quilted and Textured Handbags
These fluffy bags, which look like a piece of your winter coat with their patterns and fabrics, take their place in the showcases, while shaped leather bags accompany them.

Although this fall’s broad colour palette consists of more dominant and vibrant tones, a calm lilac and lavender tone will often appear in dresses and other pieces.

High Heels
Shoes that will crush dried leaves this fall, whether platform or flat, will almost certainly include a high heel.

Dark Style
This style, which stands out as the style of the new generation, can be suitable for all ages and types. Those who find themselves mostly in dark tones of colours may want to combine it with leather boots and jackets.

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