Joining the X1 Model Team!

Becoming an X1 Model not only is a profession but can ultimately help to determine your lifestyle. Glamour models often dedicate their time to their careers to ensure that they are always in tip-top shape. Physique and fitness is not only skin deep but also is a necessity for the hard work that glamour modelling entails.

X1 Models is an agency that specialises in hiring, working with, and providing a service for a range of modelling roles. Becoming an X1 Model will often involve a varied range of opportunities. From public appearances such as modeling competitions and product launches to behind the screen roles on films or music videos.

What does it mean to become an X1 Model?

We are primarily based in our Colchester office. However, we can source work in London or potentially worldwide. Our Models are trained as athletes to withstand the strains of travel and requirements of the job. Becoming an X1 Model could open opportunities to work with renowned and sort after brands. A range of services are available, requiring models to be diverse, with the reward of an amazing end product!

How you can apply:

The application is simple to complete online. Click here to view. All applicants are selected by Pamela Boon herself. Pamela has over 20 years of experience within the modelling industry, featuring in newspapers, magazines, and TV.

So, if you are a driven, hard-working individual who wants to pursue a career in the modeling field, get your application in today!


So, if you believe becoming an X1 Model is the right career path for you, feel free to contact us at any time. For any queries ring Pamela at X1 Models on 07739 726 099 or 01206 509 016. Alternatively, email any questions to