It’s all in the energy

When hiring an X1 Model, you will have an endless list of expectations. Shoots are timely and costly, therefore finding a model with the right fit for your campaign is key to success. Our models at X1 Models are all versatile, individually unique, and extremely professional.


What is your intention from your shoot?

When shooting a campaign, your outcome or target market is usually specific. Is your shoot to promote clothing for a fashion line, or to promote a new range of makeup? Whatever the intention, your model needs to fully understand your vision.

The models at X1 Models are all professional and experienced. They understand that every client is different and as is their vision. With each shoot having a unique identity, our models will use their experience and training to alter their expressions, style, and persona to fulfill the brief.

A smile can say it all

Facial expressions are key. The face, especially the eyes and mouth are the first noticeable features of a model. What emotions are you wanting your viewer to feel? Our models will  understand your brief and are easily adaptable to all requirements. Whether it’s a smoldering look to compliment a lipstick shade, or a ‘happy-go-lucky’ facial expression to promote an activity, our models transform their manner as required.

A shoot day will most likely be a long day. Not only are our models used to such long days, but they also bring the energy! If you are looking for a model to promote an item with energetic enthusiasm, an X1 Model is the right fit for you. Our models will arrive on set with a ‘let’s smash it’ attitude to bring the dynamic punch your shoot needs.


Personality is key

All of our models at X1 Models have personality by the bucket full. When hiring our models, we choose individuals in which we feel have plenty of identity. Our models can use this personality to reflect themselves in front of the camera. With a warm persona, your viewer is likely to feel automatically attracted to your campaign.


If you believe an X1 Model would be a good fit for your shoot, contact a member of our friendly team today at 01206 509 016 or email us at