Christmas is a staple for bright dazzling colours, sparkles and most importantly adding in a fur trim to keep you warm during the long winter months. Every year, fashion during the winter has a very similar theme, such as the use of long leather coats and being bundled head to toe in thermal wear. But let’s review the trends for this year’s festive season, from popular colour choices and a variety of patterns to a mixture of textures!

Festive Colours:

There is no secret that the festive colours are the highlight of the Christmas spirit, and this year is no different! The main colour featured this winter is a bright and bold red, here to reclaim its rightful place in the spotlight. This statement colour is featured on a range of garments from handbags to trenchcoats, all prepped with a hint of sparkle or texture to really capture you in the festive essence. Despite the normal themes from Christmas, there is also a new edition this year of many incorporating dark navy blues and gold as trends for this year. The use of the dark shades against the gold trim helps to create a contrast that also helps in fitting into the festive theme. With the overgrowing success of the Barbie movie this year, it is also no surprise to see that many fans are embracing the bright pink theme in their clothing during the Christmas holidays.Summer Fashion Trends 2023


2023 has brought a new year of silhouettes with winter being the main source of experimentation, by using layering and different prints to create a new shape. Womenswear this year is experiencing a strict and masculine approach, with coats and suits being featured on multiple runways this winter month. The use of ties in runways that are typically a constrictive accessory, as now used as a symbol of liberation in womenswear for the liberation from the male dress code. Maxi skirts have become a staple in many people’s wardrobes this year, with many coming in loose flowy silk fabrics during the summer, and more sturdy fabrics like denim in the winter. These designs came into fruition after the aforementioned cargo trousers, with low rise, pocketed silhouettes. There are even styles of this skirt in very strange fabrics such as velvet, as well as many different prints such as animal print – a style that is highly common during the colder seasons.

Patterns and Prints:

Every cold season brings forth a plaid pattern and this year is no different! Plaid designs this year feature a range of colours, from blues and whites, to much more earthy and neutral tones to create a more plain and nature inspired theme to Christmas. Blurred lines are a trend that has taken inspiration from the widely loved tie-dye print. This year however, there is a more modern and creative twist to these designs, featuring a blurred effect to the print with popular models wearing a blur-lined print tube dress which took many of the fashion fanatics by storm.

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