With the start of the new year, there are also new additions to the fashion industry. Since this industry is changing so quickly, it is important to stick with pieces that will be timeless within your wardrobe, since the use of sustainable clothing and recycling old clothes has taken the world by storm recently. In this blog we will be covering the most recent predictions for fashion within 2024, from polka dots to coquette fashion.

Polka Dots:


These small circles have been within the fashion industry for centuries, and they do not seem to be leaving anytime soon! Polka dots, coming from the Medieval period in Europe, used to mean sickness and were popularly associated with disease since the circles represented closely to that of smallpox. Since the 18th century however, they were seen as a fashion element due to the increase of machinery and the evolution of textile looms, due to the industrial revolution.

This pattern is particularly popular during the summer months as they are both playful and elegant, giving wearers a versatile and timeless pattern. Polka dots are also worn all year round since they can be both big and bold or small and muted, making them a great pattern that is not only ageless but also genderless.


Since Covid in 2020, which saw many people who were bored at home picking up new hobbies, there was also a rise in knitwear fashion. Many of those isolated at home began to make their own knitted jumpers, making it a highly popular trend since.

Knitwear is an all year round staple, with cardigans being the main front runner in popularity. This is due to their versatility, since during the winter they can be made out of a thick and heavy wool, and in the summer allowing those to opt out for a lightweight cotton, helping to cover up against the sun but still keeping cool at the same time.


Bows and Ribbons:

Many younger people have started to place bows on their outfits as a way to accessorise. This ‘coquette’ fashion trend was formed as a way to replicate delicate and feminine fashion that was popular during the 2000’s. There is also large amounts of inspiration from the ‘lolita’ fashion, a Japanese subculture that includes people that enjoy wearing Victorian and Rococo era fashion.

Small bows are made to give outfits a whimsical and innocent look, using accessories to help to brighten up simple outfits. It is a dainty accessory that helps to create a soft and romantic look, similar to that also found on princesses within many Disney films.


Sustainability has become a huge concern for the industry, since they already create such high levels of pollution. With the use of multiple fast-fashion brands, and the short-lived lifespan of many trends, many consumers are buying clothes, wearing them a couple of times, and then throwing them out.

Small steps are already being taken to help to combat this issue, such as the increase in websites that specialise in the sales of ‘pre-loved fashion’ but there is still much more that needs to be done. As consumers’ awareness of their carbon-footprint increases, hopefully many will choose to wear items already available within their wardrobe.

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