For people that want to get into the industry, it is important to learn the ins and outs of modelling, in order to have a higher chance of getting a job. There are many different types of models, from fashion, runway, commercial, fitness and plus size to name a few. Some of these types do have specific requirements to enter, due to the industry being so competitive. So, in this blog we will be covering how to become a model, the requirements and expectations, and some steps to help get started within the industry.

The Requirements:

Models have very strict rules that they have to follow in order to meet certain requirements for shows or to land jobs.

Age requirements can vary depending on the type of modelling job a person receives, but typically those that are in high fashion are dominated by teens or young adults. There are also highly strict requirements in terms of size and height, due to designers making outfits of around the same size, causing models to have to fit into a specific size in order to be in the industry. In recent times however, the industry has become more exclusive, creating various opportunities for models of various sizes and heights, allowing plus-size and petite models to join the high fashion runways.

All high-fashion runway models must maintain good health and fitness, whilst some model figures are preferred by certain designers to help them create the desired vision, overall health is crucial. As well as having good overall health and diet, having clear skin and healthy hair is also an important quality for many models. Despite this, many models in recent years are showing off their birthmarks and acne, making their more unique appearances more desirable to employers.

How to Become a Model:

Becoming a model may not be for everyone due to the fast past lifestyle and high physical demand, but for those that are willing to join the industry there are ways to start. All models should possess a portfolio, a range of photos highlighting the models ability to portray a range of emotions and poses. For those starting out, having a portfolio makes it a lot easier when trying to join an agency as all of the previous work is displayed before them. Having professional photos and headshots are also a great way to show employers and agencies how the model will act in front of a professional camera, helping to create a positive impression.

Attending open calls and castings is also a great way to gain jobs, as models will be meeting with agents in person, and through networking can create opportunities to meet with professionals and other models.

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Building a Online Presence:

Many high-end and popular models use social media as a way to present their previous work, as well as to collect a large number of fans. By having a strong online presence, it means that agencies are more likely to scout out models that they feel as though they match the vision of the show that they are trying to create.

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