The fashion industry has historically been separated by ‘seasons’. Quarterly seasons saw designers launch their new lines. The latest lines were shown to the public through live shows, usually during one of the fashion weeks. The four annual fashion seasons would often involve pieces to coordinate with the time of year, more so for highstreet brands. For buyers, being able to wear the most ‘on trend’ items, whilst being weather appropriate was of high importance due to their daily activities. However, for many, ‘daily activities’ have significantly changed during 2020. 

Working From Home

In March businesses asked employees to work from home where possible. Many businesses have decided not to return to their office working environment, keeping employees working from their home offices. With a change in activities, there is less of a need to wear ‘smart dress’ or weather-appropriate commuter apparel. With less of a focus on seasonality, fashion brands are focusing their designs on creating ‘weather neutral’ outfits. Gucci, for example, has announced it would be going ‘seasonless’ in the future.

Online Shopping

The high street has suffered for many years, however, 2020 has seen a drastic fall in sales. With many choosing not to leave their house, online shopping is quickly becoming the ‘go-to’ source for retail. In 2020 there have been over 41million apparel e-commerce users. Such figures show that the fashion industry is not dying, it’s simply changing. With more emphasis on the digital world, the fashion industry is beginning to move its focus to online shows and launches. 

As it is for many industries, the future for the fashion industry is somewhat unclear. Businesses are changing their operations to be both Covid-19 safe and more accessible for those with a new routine. Whether brands are producing seasonless items or broadcasting their latest lines online through YouTube, businesses are making a conscious effort to reach their consumers through alternative methods, offering apparel for their ‘new normal’. 

Launch The Latest Line With An Online Model Agency

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