Being an X1 Model is not just a day job, it is a lifestyle choice. All of our models are dedicated to their jobs, with the aim to be the best in the business. For an X1 Model, dedication is key. But what makes a successful X1 Model?

Discipline And Dedication

Being a model is not your usual 9-5, our models do not stop working when they leave the office as such. Discipline comes in many forms, from the art of being in front of the camera to dietary requirements, models must at all times think about their career and client perception. 

Time Management

A client’s job is of the highest priority to a model. All models should be prompt and on time for jobs. Time management is crucial when jobs will often be dotted around the country. Being late for a client not only is a bad start to a job, but it is not a positive representation for X1 Models. Having good time management shows our clients how professional and reliable the X1 Models are. 


As an X1 Model, your calendar may be jam-packed. With the location of shoots scattered, organsing your calendar is key. By having an organised schedule, a model is able to not only be on time but also ensure they are not burnt out. 

A Drive and Passion

All of our X1 models have the same drive for success in them. Such a drive enables our models to fulfill all the points above. By being ambitious, our models are able to fulfill their client’s requirements and more! 

Do You Think You Have The Traits Of An X1 Model?

X1 Models is constantly looking to build our portfolio of models. If you think you have what it takes, get in touch with us today. Contact Pamela Boon today on 07739 726 099 or 1206 509 016. Pamela will happily discuss your potential application and what it takes to truly shine as an X1 Model. With 20 years of experience behind her, Pamela is the ideal person to answer any questions regarding a career in modeling.