The Summer calendar is often a busy one for those in the events industry. Companies and restaurants alike are hosting summer parties. The use of an X1 Model adds an extra touch of glamour events. Summer may be lively for our X1 models, but it is September which truly booms for the modeling industry. This year has been a little different, with events having to be scaled down and altered in accordance with government guidelines. 

September may depict the end of summer. But for the UK fashion industry, September means one thing, London Fashion Week. Even with alterations in place, London Fashion Week is set to be as epic as ever before. 


The Beginning of London Fashion Week

The first London fashion week launched in 1983 as an event to showcase London’s latest fashion talent. Created by the British Fashion Council, shows took place over the week in a West London car park. 

The target audience for the first fashion week was the general public. However, the shows proved popular with figureheads such as Margeret Thatcher, bringing the publicity with her. 

London Fashion Week Today

Following 1983, London Fashion Week has grown in popularity. The location moved from a Kensington car park to Kensington Olympia before settling at The Store Studios on The Strand as well as off-site locations. 

Today there are four ‘fashion capitals’ across the world, hosting weekly fashion shows across the year. The four fashion capitals are:

  • Milan
  • London
  • Paris 
  • New York

Each location has an identity when it comes to the styles of fashion on their catwalk. London Fashion Week hosts over 250 designers annually. With such popularity, London Fashion Week excels both in reputation and financially. With such a buzz around the fashion industry, venues and restaurants alike are looking to get in on the action. Having an X1 Model present at your event will bring the extra ‘wow’ factor you may be looking for.

All of the X1 models are not only professional but take their career as a lifestyle choice. Such dedication and devotion to their careers have resulted in a range of extremely talented individuals at X1 Models.

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