Your Event and Covid-19

Covid-19 has well and truly turned everyone’s worlds upside down. Businesses and individuals alike have had to alter the way in which they work. Not only have the day to day operations changed, but the planning of events and special occasions have been rocked or cancelled altogether. However have you thought about using models for events, and add some much-needed excitement around your function. Whether a personal, or business event, your plans have no doubt changed from the ideas imagined at the beginning of the year. However, your small or socially distanced event does not have to be a washout. 

With the economy teetering on the edge of a crisis and businesses suffering, your event may be critical to ensuring your business stays relevant. Events are the ideal event for networking and getting your brand out there. By creating an event to remember, your business will reflect in the same light, ensure your competitors and consumers know who you are. 

Not only is the economy suffering from Covid-19 but for many, so is their way of life. With many working from home, an event may be the ideal reason to leave the house and socialise.

Don’t Cancel, Just Rethink

However, no doubt plans will have changed in regard to the operations for your event. All events are having to follow strict government guidelines and social distancing regulations. With such rules in place, your event does not have to be bland. 

The ambiance may not have the buzz with a room bustling full of people. However, the atmosphere can still feel lively through the element of surprise. Our X1 Models are the ideal choice to add excitement within a room.

By having X1 Models present at your event, the atmosphere will automatically feel lifted. Our models are experts in their field. Models for events such as product launches are the ideal option for showing your new product in a professional manner. 


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If you are looking for models for events, contact Pamela Boon today on 07739 726 099 or 1206 509 016. Pamela will happily discuss your requirements and the logistics to ensure your event has the impressive factor it requires for success.