This is a playful time of year, full of chocolate, the idea of rebirth and Easter Egg hunts. That means that we need to consider what is going to look on-trend for that special day. Easter is a celebration of rebirth and resurrection, so why can’t we incorporate that into our wardrobe this year? Let’s have a little look into what is going to be deemed as fashionable for Easter this year!




They may be unoriginal and overdone, but they are classic and stunning. The holiday represents new beginnings and that always brings to ming fabulous flowers. This is a major Spring holiday, so let’s do it right. You can go sweet with a pale pastel dress with delicate floral designs. How about being more elegant by adding a lace dress that has floral designs? Or be edgy and confident with a brightly coloured outfit and bold floral designs. There are so many ways you can express your floral passion in a fashion that it is guaranteed that you will find the one best suited for you. They lend you a classic look while still being fun and flirty. (source). 




Stripes are always a fashion favourite and you should play around with them this Easter. They can add character to even the simplest of outfits. Easter is the time of year where the flowers bloom and the grass is green. This means it is the time of year most associated with colour, so why not play around with adding some coloured stripes to your wardrobe. This is such an easy way to stand out from the crowd that required minimal effort. Stripes are eye-catching and attractive, so add some to your wardrobe this Easter. (source). 




The ultimate and most classic component to any girls wardrobe. Lace has been used for centuries to add some calls and sophistication to an outfit and this Easter, you can look great with minimal effort. The great thing about lace is, it is so detailed and textured that it doesn’t require any accessories. As I said, lace takes minimal effort. There are so many styles to lace no that you can do sophisticated with a long monocolour dress with contrasting lace, fun with a layered and floaty cocktail dress or a daring with a dress where the cutouts are covered by thin lace. When it comes to lace, the sky is the limit when it comes to styles. You can have fun this Easter with a little bit of lace. (source). 




This is one of my favourite fashion inventions. They are simple but can look incredible and they require minimal effort. Jumpsuits are fun and can be practical. They are easy to move in and the fact that it is all one piece of clothing, means you do not have to worry about anything, the skirt or T-shirt, rising. This is perfect for running around outside with friends or children and fantastic for the Yearly Easter egg hunt. (source). 


So, did this help you to decide what look you are going for this Easter? I know this has helped me. This Easter, have some Fun with Fashion. Have even more fun and get involved in the Fashion Scene by becoming a Glamour model. If you are interested in becoming a Glamour model, then visit our website on, email us at or give us a call on 01206 509 016.