Summer means heat, fun in the sun, more revealing clothing, swimming and great reasons for swimsuits. Fun at the beach is here again. So you need to be dress appropriately to keep in trend with the latest beach and pool fashion.

Ribbed Swimsuits

These are ideal swimsuits. They adapt to your body as it changes. As much as we would like to believe otherwise, your body does change over time. Ribbed swimsuits are the perfect way to ensure comfort as your body changes, and they last exceptionally well. Relax on the beach in comfort this summer with this range of swimsuits.

The Cut-out

In recent years, has the cut-out ever faded from the frontline of fashion? Nope, this is something that has always been popular, and we all know what. Cut-outs are a great way of being both modest and reveal skin at the same time. This is a great way to emphasise your body if you have the right style of cut-outs.

The Little Black Bikini

Now, have you ever heard of The Little Black Dress? Well, get ready to meet its swimsuit equivalent. This is a basic yet sophisticated little number perfect for every occasion when the occasion needs a swimsuit. It is stunning, simple and elegant. What is there not to love about this number.


This is the summer to emphasise your femininity with frills. This girlish touch emphasises that you are a strong and proud woman who is not afraid to get in touch with your feminine side. This is definitely a trend to watch.

Animal Print

Has this ever really gone out of fashion, maybe to the fringes, and this is the year it comes back into prominence.  This year the emphasis is on minimality when it comes to animal print, but that is fine with us. Animal print is always something fun to play around with, so why don’t you this year?

Swimsuits will always come into fashion as the sun heats up, and we can enjoy the warmth that it brings. Stay in style this summer with our advice. If you are a business looking for models, you have come to the right place. Our models would look stunning in this year’s swimsuit fashion. Get in touch today! Visit our website on, email us at or give us a call on 01206 509 016.