There is something to be said for being paid to have your photo taken and seen by the word. A certain excitement knowing that somewhere, people will admire your photos. They will think you are beautiful and that’s a confidence boost anyone would love to have. To be a model is to be admired. Get paid to be in beautiful locations and show off particular brands.  There is much to be said about the Glamour of Modelling. 


Imagine being told to get on a plane and go to an exotic location to be photographed had to be a dream come true, right? Well, that’s what happens here, you can get paid to go on location to be photographed. Imagine waking up to a phone call from the company to be told you have to go to Monaco or the South of France. Sheer heaven right? Now, Covid restrictions aside, being able to go somewhere stunning for work has to be the pick me up you need to get over the depression of the Pandemic.

The Shoots

There were so many brands looking for beautiful, professional models to represent them and it’s not always just photoshoots they want models for, it is for print, digital, virtual and for live events as well. This means that the clients want adaptable models willing to learn and adapt to what the client needs. It’s a chance to experience a Product launch, be in music videos, competitions and even films and to reach the top you need a quality modelling agency.

X1 models look for several things when searching for their models. They look for dedication, a willingness to learn and athletic individuals. To represent a client is a huge responsibility and we take that responsibility seriously. Pam works hard to understand exactly what the client is looking for in a model; looking at budget, location, times, dates and scope to find the perfect model for the clients’ needs. If you are interested in our services as a potential model, or as a client looking for models, visit our website at .