This year has been a breakthrough in the modelling industry, supporting the progression of inclusive models and enhancing body-positivity as a way to break down traditional beauty standards that have taken over the modelling industry for so long. As well as this, there are a variety of other trends that have made themselves well known within the modelling industry. In this blog we will be covering key trends during this year, as well as current and upcoming trends in fashion, from designs to colours and style.

Diversity and Inclusion:

Whilst the modelling industry is not known for its’ inclusive nature, this has been slowly changing in recent years. Ethnic and Racial diversity has seen a massive increase in the modelling industry, with high demand for greater representation of people from various ethnic and racial backgrounds within the industry. This large push for diversity can be seen through fashion campaigns, runway shows and advertising, with more brands recognising the importance of showing diversity for their customer base.

Virtual Modelling and Fashion Shows:

The pandemic caused an acceleration of virtual fashion shows and modelling. During the next couple of years we can expect more designs being showcased virtually. Many designers have a high chance in embracing this technology especially with the more futuristic and dystopian fashion runways which have been displayed this year. Virtual models that are created using 3D scanning and motion capture technology, are also becoming more common. WIth models being used to display clothes online, in ads and especially through using video games.

Body positivity:

Whilst we briefly mentioned the largest trend of modelling so far, with the industry becoming more inclusive in terms of using different body types and sizes. There is becoming a growing acceptance for having models of all different sizes, which changes traditional modelling standards. This level of inclusivity is great for especially children and young adults, as it makes models feel more relatable to them, an act that can help against harsh diet culture associated with the industry.

Sustainable Modelling:

Sustainability has become a growing concern in the fashion industry, and modelling is no exception. In the upcoming years, more models and brands are more likely to be adopting these sustainable practices as a way to defeat the ever growing fast-fashion epidemic. By using more eco-friendly materials, clothing is more likely to be long-lasting. These high quality garments are helping to reduce carbon footprint, as they focus on making high quality products instead of cheaper clothing that only focuses on quantity. Animals are less likely to be harmed from sustainable clothing as fabric dyeing is a process that ends up taking over 20% of the world’s wastewater. When this water enters the drinking pipes again, humans and animals alike are exposed to water containing heavy toxins and metals. Therefore by promoting healthier and more eco-friendly brands, influencers and models can help to spread awareness.

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