Being a model is not an easy thing. Most people think modelling is just standing there while people take photos of you. It is actually a lot harder than that. Modelling is about creating the desire for your client’s brand and/or product. This is something that can be far harder to achieve than you might think. A person will look at dozens of photos and you need to make your photo stand out from the crowd. Here a few tips that can help you.

Know your Client

A pose is everything. It is what your client is asking for. Your pose is what will attract interest from prospective clients or customers. This can set the mood and tone of the shoot. It will be the point of including a model in this shoot. To do this effectively you should do some research on your client and the product being offered. Plus showing up at a shoot looking unprepared and knowing nothing about the client and the purpose of the shoot looks incredibly unprofessional. If you not only know the client but what the client has approved of from previous shoots, then you have a starting point. (source).


One of the most important aspects of a shoot is the pose. The pose is what is helping sell the product. It helps to set the tone and atmosphere. There are a few things that you need to remember:

  • Have some rigidity in your pose- limpness is not appealing
  • Mix it up- playing it safe may mean that the perfect pose is not happening. Clients like some edgier pose. Playing it safe could lose you your client
  • Elongate your neck- no neck is not attractive
  • Just because hair and makeup are supplied, does not mean you do not need to make an effort. Show up clean, shaven and ready to work.
  • Don’t be forgettable. You have a personality, use it.
  • (source)

You always need to remember your attitude. Don’t shoot a blank photo. Use your eyes and face to create some intensity and emotion for the shoot.

Modelling is not for the faint of heart and is something that you should consider carefully when it comes to a career in modelling. It can be hard, it can result in criticism. It is also a career that is incredibly rewarding and holds the chance of seeing the world through your job. To find out more, visit our website at, call us on 01206 509 016 or email us on