Are you about to launch a new product? Organising a product launch can be a daunting job. There are many different aspects to organise, from venues, who to invite and press releases. With so much to organise and plan, just to ensure your event is smooth running, many overlook the finer details, including how to ensure your product launch stands out from the rest.


Ensure Your Launch Is One To Remember

Having an extra ‘wow’ factor will ensure your product launch stands out from the rest. Such a mission can be done in multiple ways. One is to have one of our X1 glamour models present. Product launches are often big, bold, and eye-catching. Visual enhancements are crucial for giving your guests the first impression you deserve. Our X1 glamour models are the ideal solution to your visually impressive requirements. Whether your product launch has a theme or colour scheme, our models are capable to fulfill your specification.


Trust In Us At X1 Models

We at X1 Models understand the importance of your product launch. A product launch will be the first time many will witness your new product. Such hard work and relentless hours have been rewarded with your new product, you will no doubt want to ensure your audience witnesses your product with the momentous launch it deserves. We know the stresses and strains of organising events. Rely on us at X1 Models to ensure your models not only turn up on time and fulfill their job requirements, but they shine, and truly impress your guests. All of our models are professional and reliable. Take some of the weight off your shoulders knowing one of your boxes has been ticked by relying on X1 Models. 


Launch Your Product With X1 Models Today

If you have a product launch on the horizon, call us today to discuss how having the presence of an X1 Model can help create a successful event. We have a history of working with a range of small, medium, and large businesses to create memorable events, no matter the scale.

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